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I'm not a fan of the visions story either but not because of the concept but because they never made it any more then a plot point. They made it even worse by seemingly abandoning it even as a plot point for months. If they focused on it a bit like they did early on, it would strike my interest more.

Having said that, I agree with Jane with the exception that I hope the vision aspect only plays a role in the early part of this. I don't mind the role it plays in the early part of this because it makes sense but I don't see a need to use it as much going forward. In fact, I wish somewhere along the line in the coming weeks that Bo gets hurt or something and loses the ability to have these visions.

I'm just glad that the visions stuff is being used for something. I don't like just dropping stories, even if they are not very good. At least all the stuff this winter with Bo coming to terms with the visions and realizing not6 every vision is what it seems will be used for something.

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