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Aug 12 2009, 03:11 PM
Aug 12 2009, 03:05 PM
If the writers are for some reason set on using the visions (which is a mistake, I think), they should have thought the whole thing through. Wouldn't Bo try to talk to someone about these visions? Why is he just taking it as a given that he's suddenly psychic? Wouldn't Hope think it's a little strange that someone she's been married to for so long would suddenly have this happen to him? Where were his visions when Zach was run over?

Agreed. Where the hell is Celeste when you need her?
That just pisses me off, especially since so much of the focus early on was on Bo's visions being tied to Theo. Abe knew of the visions so why not bring his mother in law into it?

I've accepted the visions as nothing more then a plot point and not so much a story but the worst part is they've barely played it between April and now. That is the big problem I have. If your going to do this, at least play it every now and then. Then again, it was clear the writers did not give a damn about Bo and Hope earlier this year. They are only focusing on them and all this now because of the returns and wanting to make a big ratings push this Fall. It's all about whether or not the regime gives a damn on all these soaps. If they don't, the characters and stories they don't like suffer big time and so do many fans.
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