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Aug 12 2009, 11:32 PM
If I'm not mistaken...

Dean = policeman

Kyle & Brenda = Ciara's kidnappers.

At least, that's what I understood.
Same here.

We've seen Dean in the background as a cop. Kyle is the guy that has been lurking around Ciara and I believe we first see him in full form for the first time tomorrow. Brenda will likely first appear next week. Dean (Nick Stabile's character) is the only one I can see sticking around as I think he is the one heading up the kidnapping plot at the moment. The other two I think will be gone pretty quick. Regardless, we really haven't seen any of these 3 yet, if at all, so there is no way anyone could come to care for them yet. This story is just getting going LOL.

I am intrigued because we've been told Philip would be tied to Kyle and Brenda and now Dean is. Does this mean somehow Philip will get involved in this kidnapping plot? Interesting...
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