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Aug 12 2009, 03:05 PM
Sounds very much as I expected. I quess a part of me hoped they will give Mel/Phillip a real chance but the show seems very much devoted to Phil/Steph and Nathan/Mel, so the quick return to original duos is natural. I donīt have any trouble with Mel/Phillip sleeping together nor I think itīs the last time. Comforting sex is a very common thing on soaps and as someone above said, atleast itīs heading towards the usual unwanted pregnancy story.

As for the sex tape, I assume the owner of the motel recognizes Phillip and thatīs why he tapes it. Itīs a classic movie twist.
I agree completely.

I also like how this adds some sort of intensity to the story. I like triangles/quads but there always needs to be a catalyst or something to really make things interesting. The sex tape is it. It adds an element of suspense and will provide some major drama going forward.

Can't wait!
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