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Aug 11 2009, 01:10 PM
Considering that they don't just give the commercial time away for free online, I'm sure that online viewing numbers factor into the online ad rates and revenue. The more people watch online, the more ad time in the online programming costs, the more money the show makes. It's simply another way to repurpose the programming (like reairing the shows on soap net). The show is only produced once, but the more times and more places it airs and can charge money for ad time, the more money the show makes.
All reasons why I'm shocked it took them this long to do it.

One thing I hate is that online viewing, DVR, etc has killed the Nielson ratings but I don't even think that matters anymore. It's a different era now and I think that is why TPTB of the soaps no longer seem to react to ratings drops anymore. They know there are other viewing outlets so they look at the complete picture. A show like Days, for example, is shown on NBC and Soapnet. Then you have to take into account those who may watch episodes at a later date. Now, you have online viewing. The show is aware of people watching on youtube and other sites so this is smart in that now people can watch on NBC.com/Global in good quality and have their viewing measured, which is what you want since that is what the show's future may rely on.
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