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The current story would play nicely for Daniel and Lexie. They should totally go there but I doubt it would happen since it has yet to happen. It's funny because Lexie was the one person we all thought for sure Daniel would sleep with when he came on LOL. I do like Abe and Lexie being seen more and being more active.

I also like David Leisure is the DA and Wally Kurth stepped right back into Justin's shoes with ease. He hasn't changed a bit and kudos to Days having him interact with so many people, especially Bo and Hope, on his first day. I knew he would interact with Victor right away but not the others. That was nice to see. I have a feeling we will see them try Justin with Hope. The scene at the end where she heard him on the phone with Adrienne and we know they have some more stuff coming...just makes me sense they may go there. I would love that.

I also think Kurth has great chemistry with Lauren Koslow. That could be fun. Loving Kate and her scenes with Victor. I love seeing Victor continuing to be active. The Kiriakis family really is at the center of the show now and I love it.

Great Sami/Rafe scenes. Galen and Ali were great. I also have to say that I really enjoyed Sami/Lucas yesterday and The Arianna/Rafe scene yesterday where they hinted at how he was covering for her because the music in that scene was really foreboding and Galen and Felisha played it well. I also noticed something. Felisha's acting is hit or miss with Eric Martsolf but around others she is pretty good. I think the forced Brady/Arianna pairing has hurt both of their performances.

Loved Nicole and Dr. Baker. They are hilarious. I wish he would stick around for good.

Very good week thus far.
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