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Aug 13 2009, 12:02 AM
Aug 12 2009, 11:55 PM
I don't even think JER "got" her at the end of his run. To me, Vivian went downhill the around the time Kristen got exposed and JER began winding down his stuff. In fact, the whole show was already going downhill.
That would be the cutting-off point for me as well - sorry if I wasn't clear about that. (Though we can go by the credits for official dates, I think unless anyone was at the writers meetings then or has knowledge of them, it's impossible to say exactly who wrote what during that transition period.) But either way, I agree with you that Vivian's character changed at that point.
Well, considering it got really bad in summer 1997 (it had been on a slow downward trend since October 1996 for me) and JER's work officially did not end until October 1997 (which is well documented), I think we can blame him completely LOL. Plus, JER remained on as a story consultant until like January 1998 anyway to ease the transition, I believe.

There were rumors that he was trashing alot of stories at Days in his final months because of some falling out with Corday and/or Langan. There are also rumors that Corday and Langan were so angry that he was going to create his own soap that they began destroying his work. Who knows if any of those are true. I could see both but I do recall that it seemed Corday was angry and it was assumed he would never want JER back because he left Days to do Passions so I've always tended to lean toward Corday and/or Langan messing with the final few months of JER's work. That makes sense IMO.
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