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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Aug 13 2009, 12:50 PM
kudos to the casting department for finding the creep that takes ciara. that part where he smelled her teddy bear literally made me shudder.

i was so glad to see lexie and ej having a heart-to-heart. ej needs a sane confidante, and lexie is the best option. i loved their scenes together.

rafe is a total prick. i know i'm supposed to be thrilled that he's on the case when it comes to the baby switch, but i'm not. hearing him whine all day about how he supposedly loves sami and wants to protect her made me want to throw something at the tv. the woman is at home right now, bawling her eyes out because the man she loves doesn't have the decency or intelligence to just tell her he isn't a murderer, and instead of rafe rectifying the situation he decides he's going to protect sami and show his love for her by digging into something that may turn out to be nothing. this guy is THE WORST.

i also have to diasgree with the line today where rafe told arianna that sami asked him to make sure baker left town because she 'thought he was a bad guy.' poppycock. sami wanted baker out of town because she didn't want anyone to know she gave birth to grace. nothing more, nothing less. i get that the writers want to make rafe's suspicions of the guy make some sense, but the scenes concerning sami and baker were from just a few months ago. rewriting years-old history is one thing. rewriting shit that happened three months ago is unacceptable.
I haven't watched today's show yet so I can't comment on the rest of your post (although it sounds like I'd pretty much be in agreement) but I did want to touch on the bolded part.

I had the same reaction watching yesterday's show when Rafe and Sami were having their 1043884 goodbye scene and started talking about Grace's birth. Sami mentioned something about how Dr. Baker was very concerned but all she could think about was Rafe and where he was and whether he was alive. WTF??? Did I miss something? Because that's not how I remember that at all. I know that Rafe was a little 'tied up' while Sami was giving birth - but I only remember Sami being worried about the baby - I don't remember her mentioning or thinking about Rafe at all. I might have blocked it out...but I don't think so. :hmmph:
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