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OMG!! That Dr. Baker/Nicole trivia segment was hilarious! The way he [practically pranced around her and totally took over the segment, asking the question "Who is Dr. Baker's mother?" and replying that it's "Alice Horton" was hilarious. Nicole's reaction was funny as hell.

Days really needs to keep Dr. Baker around. The man is awesome! Sadly, I see the writing on the wall for him as Stefano is pissed and seem to make a call at the end of today to have him taken care of. I did like the Stefano/Nicole scenes and also liked the Nicole/Baker, of course. I like that Stefano and Nicole are both concerned about EJ gravitating toward Sami again.

Really enjoyed EJ/Lexie. I hope we get more scenes with these two.

Felisha Terrell is so much better away from the forced Brady/Arianna stuff. Loved her scenes with Rafe and even seeing her around Bo, Hope, and Justin was refreshing. I loved seeing Bo and Hope out and catching up with him. I hope Justin sticks around. Wally is great and I definitely see them testing out Hope and Justin. It already seems they are and it seems they have more scenes coming so I can see it. I think it would be great to go there since Bo and Justin, while ok now, did have tension at times between them way back when.

The guy playing Kyle, Ciara's kidnapper, was creepy. When he sniffed the bear, My God! I got chills. Glad they had Hope have a line asking Bo if Ellen was watching too many kids as that was clearly the case. I mean, she had difficulty watching both Ciara and her daughter at the birthday party a few weeks back and now having so many kids...glad the show played it realistically. Having the little girl hurt herself was a decent distraction to set up the kidnapping. It was just so scary watching the kidnapper slowly lure Ciara into the trap. She was resistant and that seemed to surprise him but the whole story about Hope being in an accident and Bo calling him to get Ciara was just the deal sealer. Just very creepy scenes all around.

Again, nice seeing Abe, Lexie, and Theo so much of late. Hope that continues.

Good show today.
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