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Halloween Family
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Aug 13 2009, 11:38 AM
I don't mind a bit that Philip and Melanie have sex. I just hate that boring, suckthelifeoutofanystory Stephanie has to come back in an ruin what could be the start of an interesting relationship. Let her be boring and lifeless with Nathan since he seems dazzled by her glittery hooha.

Philip is not the good guy type. He has goodness in him but he can be hard and driven as well. He is totally diarming when he flashes those dimples, however! I just want him to have a good story and not one I want to ff. And I think Melanie has grown and is lots more interesting than she was in the beginning.
I agree with your whole post the only place where our opinions diverge is that Stefanie is a "suckthelifeoutofanystory" character (although true to a point and a funny as hell term). Stefanie just needs to be placed with a strong crazy character and I thought Owen made her more interesting.

I also agree with Phillip and his disarming dimples. I think he's one of the more interesting characters because he has so many qualities and usually they are showcased without him being schizophrenic. He's been interesting to watch over the last few years since the Last Blast days to see him struggle with becoming his own man.

I dont mind that Melanie will have her heart broken either.
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