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Aug 12 2009, 02:47 PM
How about we just come up with a storyline for Bo and Hope that doesn't involve kidnapping? That way, we don't have to come up with these "interesting" little twists like the visions.
Kidnapping is their special thing, though. That and brain issues (Hope thinks she's Gina! Hope is Gina! Gina thinks her hair looks good like that! Bo is a mime! Bope decide it's time to become bounty hunters!), which is the only reason I'm not totally put off by the ridiculous visions storyline.

I don't want them to just drop it either. You've got something simmering in the background this long, you need to do something with it- besides the obvious at this point (inoperable brain tumor- bye Bo!).

I haven't been reading all the spoilers lately, so I don't know where they're going with all this. There's potential here though, I think, because it could be used to integrate Bo/Hope with the others. Tie it to the new blood feud, tie it to EJ's reaction to losing a daughter he didn't know he had- something beyond visions and the return of the Alamains.
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