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Aug 4 2009, 10:42 AM
From the November 1971 issue of 'Daytime TV'...

The Top 10 rated serials for the 1st 2 weeks of July 1971. Although the shows are presumably ranked according to their ratings, their respective ratings point isn't given, only their respective timeslot share.

#1 - As the World Turns (39% share)
#2 - The Edge of Night (35% share)
#3 - General Hospital (32% share)
#4 - Another World (32% share)
#5 - Days of our Lives (32% share)
#6 - The Doctors (32% share)
#7 - The Guiding Light (30% share)
#8 - Love is a Many Splendored Thing (28% share)
#9 - Search for Tomorrow (31% share)
#10 - Love of Life (32% share)

I've always been a ratings junkie. (Who knew that someday I'd actually be using Nielsens in my job?)
So, first up, thanks for posting these ratings. I LOVE seeing how the shows ranked each year and how they shifted thru the decades. I grew up watching Another World, which always seemed to be a perrenial loser in the ratings, but that was the late 70s and its slide had begun. It was a HOT show earlier in the decade. Personally, I think moving to 90 minutes almost killed it.

My God...look at those time period shares in 1971. Mid 30s. Of course, that's when there were only four stations in a city. Isn't it crazy though to know our soaps today get shares in the single digits? TV has become so splintered, if not for these internet forums, we'd never find someone else who watches the shows we watch!
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