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Aug 14 2009, 02:49 PM
Aug 14 2009, 02:32 PM
today was an all-around good episode. there was a lot going on, so even if you were bored by something there wasn't much of it.

loved the maggie/stephanie/sami stuff. i was kind of thrown when stephanie vehemently defended sami in the custody battle, since they never shared a scene before to my knowledge. i like that the show is at least acknowledging the family tie. also, it was kind of odd that maggie was still around sami's place after she returned from the hospital. it seems like that scene should have come before the hospital scenes.

i was surprised melanie reacted that way towards stephanie in front of nathan. again, i can't see why nathan would want to have anything to do with her, given that she all of a sudden has some major insecurity issues. i do admit that it was bitchy of stephanie not to explain herself better, and i also think it's unfair of her to consider dating nathan when melanie clearly has feelings for him. i also found it kind of heartless that those two went on to have a good time knowing melanie was so upset over a mistaken impression.
I thought the Sami/Stephanie scene was a very nice touch. Neither of them have any real friends (or mothers) around anymore, so it's nice that the show has decided to use the family connection to create that relationship between them. I hope it's not a one-off thing and they actually keep that relationship going.

I don't understand why Nathan would have any interest in Melanie at this point either. She's stood him up to go off with another guy once, gave him the cold shoulder and then turned around and did the whole "poor, pitiful me" routine until he agreed to go out with her again. Then she catches him talking to Stephanie and she goes ballistic and storms out. Who needs that much drama?

I don't think it was bitchy of Stephanie not to explain herself better simply because Melanie gave her no opportunity to explain anything. She just assumed, chewed them both out, and left. Stephanie was in the wrong when she didn't give Melanie a chance to explain anything a few weeks ago, and Melanie was totally wrong here. I don't know why it's wrong for Stephanie to consider dating Nathan, though. I mean, I don't really think she is, I think she just wants to be friends, but it's clear that Melanie and Stephanie are not friends. It's also clear that Melanie and Nathan are not in a relationship. So, if Philip and Melanie are free agents who can do what they want, then so are Stephanie and Nathan.
I think Melanie had all the reasons to be angry. Nathan and Stephanie were already out one time and now they started to plan another "nondate" in the middle of his dinner with Mel. Yes, Mel seems to loose her self-confidence around Nathan because she really likes the guy but she is not stupid. Stephanie already stole her one guy. And her oh so innocent letīs just hang out as friends act is the oldest trick in the book. No stright single guy wants to be "just friend" with a girl looking like Stephanie and Nathan is already totally enamoured by her. He was honestly interested in Mel till the moment he met Steph and she started to flirt with him. No wonder Mel is hurt.

Stephanie can have any guy she wants, she can have Phillip the guy Mel is still hopelesly in love with, yet she chooses to give fake hope to the only guy Melanie had some real chance with? Not nice at all and IMO if the writers wanted to motivate Mel to sleep with Phillip and still stay a sympathetic character they did very good job.

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