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I agree that Stephanie was wrong in the way she reacted to Philip and Melanie. And she got smacked down (literally) for it and apologized. It was made clear to her that Philip and Melanie were free to do whatever they wanted. So, maybe she took those words to heart.

In any case, here's the reason I don't think Stephanie has to back off. First, I don't think that she and Nathan are anything but friends at this point. Second, while we may all know that Melanie really likes Nathan, how would Stephanie know that? She knows that Melanie stood Nathan up to go off with Philip. But that's it. Melanie and Stephanie have never talked about Nathan. Nathan certainly isn't acting like a guy who's taken. For all Stephanie knows, Melanie and Nathan are just friends, like she and Nathan are. If Melanie and Nathan were in an actual relationship, I might agree that Stephanie was in the wrong. But they aren't. And Stephanie and Melanie aren't friends. They might be friendly, but they aren't friends. Way too much history there for that.
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