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Watching an episode of Days of our Lives when Bo and Hope are featured is like watching an episode of That's So Raven. This entire storyline is ridiculous, and it's only the beginning. I'm sure we're going to see more visions, like of where Ciara may be, who has her, and what the ending of the kidnapping can be. What's the point? Aren't the viewers supposed to be surprised at what happens? Instead, we know what's going to happen weeks before it even does. It's so stupid.

I am enjoying Wally Kurth as Justin though. I love that he's involved in two major storylines right now. It was a smart idea to have him start interacting with Bo and Hope upon his return. It gives the character a sense of familiarity since the majority of DAYS' current audience probably doesn't know who Justin Kiriakis is. He hasn't really been mentioned in years, besides a few mentions from Adrienne's brief return in 2007.

I do see something there between Kurth and Kristian Alfonso though. Justin and Hope could potentially work, I think. And with Carly coming back, it's perfect timing. Who needs Daniel involved in this story? Justin has history with Bo, Hope and Carly. And it's history that we've actually seen, unlike the rumored romance that Daniel and Carly had in the past.

I see the damn uniform has made it's return again... :hmmph:

I don't get why Maggie was used today rather than Caroline. I feel that Caroline would've fit in more with Sami and Stephanie. It also would've given reason as to why she wasn't at the pub when Arianna was doing her drug dealing. Rather than just saying she was at bingo, they could've had Caroline comforting her granddaughters. With Marlena out of town, I'd rather see Sami turning to Caroline than Maggie

I did enjoy the writers bringing Sami and Stephanie together though, even for that brief period. They're cousins. It's nice to be reminded that they each other and hang out in their free time.

I'm starting to fall for Brady and Arianna. I'm a littel disappointed that the role is being recast. Hopefully, Lindsey Hartley will work in the role opposite Eric Martsolf.

I'm glad to see the old Melanie is still there. She reacted very in character upon hearing about Nathan and Stephanie's past times together. I loved Melanie insulting Stephanie before storming out. I hated the little friendship they were developing. They work much better as enemies. And I'm starting to like Nathan and Stephanie together.

Why do the writers insist on making Victor such a one note grumpy bastard? He's a bad man. We get that! But he also has a heart, and I can't believe for one second that if a close employee of his dies, he would be so cold about it.
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