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First off, in case I don't mention it enough, Suzanne Rogers is hot. She just rocks the bright red wild hair. Beautiful woman!

And while it is nice to see Sami and Stephanie hang out (better easier to watch than Nicole and Sami being best friends), I am trying hard to see why Sami is so "devestated" about Rafe. She has known him briefly, and granted that it has been a tense relationship, I wouldn't call him her "soulmate". Seriously, Sami? I guess she always moved a bit fast with men.
And how tall is Shelley Hennig? She looked really tall compared to everyone today.
And I don't see it between Melanie and Nathan anyways...she gets a little flighty when Nathan is around and he comes off as mature and serious.

And can't Rafe just give a little where Sami is concerned? Just tell her that he can't tell her yet, or its confidential or something instead of making it such a big deal and bringing more attention to it?
Why is Brady's body orange and his face pale white? Looked weird. And can't the man dry off?

I like Justin back, and also see the chemistry between Hope and Justin, and can't wait to see what happens in this story. Really some must see TV coming up!

I keeping thinking of "does a bear shit in the woods" whenever they start talking about the bear in the woods. And while I love seeing Bope in action knowing that Justin is there and Carly/Lawrence is coming back, I just can't get into this stupid visions of Ciara/ransom story.

Lots of characters on today. Rafe, Melanie, Nathan, Phillip, Victor, Hope, Justin, Bo, Abe, Maggie, Dr. Baker/creep, Arianna/creep...and lots of jump around scenes. Not the best Friday show.
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