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If the kidnappers not suppose to be a molester than why did he sniff the bear? Did the actor just sneak that ad lib in? Plus his sweating added to his creepiness.

Melanie looked like trailer trash next to Stephanie in spite of her cleavage, lol. Where did that cleavage come from? I dont remember her looking so busty during her Touch the Sky days. Melanie's outburst was good, she was jealous and hurt. I feel bad for her that she's into Nathan but he doesnt seem to be into her at all, he's into Stephanie tho. Nate and Steph aren't a very exciting couple. I dont think Stephanie is out of line in pursuing whatever it is she wants with Nathan, if 20 guys want to hook up with her then so be it. It's not Stephanie's job to pity Melanie. I do like Stephanie and Melanie as frenemies and this incident is showcasing that very well, I like it.

Looks like they are cooking up something for Justin and Hope. When the going gets tough, Hope turns on Bo so she's going to lash out at Bo for Ciarra's kidnapping and turn to Justin. Justin's already giving her a shoulder to cry on.

Drew, when I saw Melanie in the candystripper outfit I thought to myself "poor Drew and that damned outfit". They need to put her in scrubs.

ETA: Brianna sucked just as always. Some more ackward moments that seemed forced, more crappy dialogue for these two. FT seemed very umcomfortable with her awesome body; stiff and like she was sucking her abs in. I cant wait for FT last day.
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