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Much to my surprise, I'm also picking up on Hope/Justin chemistry. I don't remember anything at all between them before, but that was a very long time ago. The Ciara kidnapping has been very creepy and Bo and Hope's reaction gut-wrenching, but I'm already dreading the inevitable Hope-blames-Bo-and-shuts-him-out-and-turns-to-another-man part of the story.

I love Dr. Baker. I wish they would keep him around because he and Nicole would make a wonderful scheme team!

Melanie's reaction was a little over the top, but she's always had a competition with Stephanie and felt that everything comes easily to the "Princess", while her life has been hard and she's had to fight for everything she wants, so I think that's why she reacted so badly. She finally had a shiny new toy to play with and along comes Princess Stephanie, with her amazing cleavage and awesome hair, to steal it away. Melanie should have stayed and let Nathan explain instead of just running off, but then I also think Stephanie should have gone after her and tried to talk to her. They are supposed to be friends now, right? Stephanie acted inconsiderately, IMO, but I hate Stephanie and love Melanie, so I'm not exactly unbiased here!

Maggie was so gorgeous today! I just love seeing her on my TV, and I don't care when or why or how (it's amazing that she can find time to do all this babysitting AND run a restaurant); I just want her around. It was a little jarring, though, how they had Maggie, Sami and Stephanie hanging out and then all of a sudden Sami's at the hospital and Stephanie's at the Cheating Heart and then Sami's back home again, having tea with Nanny Maggie. And Arianne's flying around all over Salem, too--first at the mansion, then the Pub, then the mansion again. It makes me dizzy. Maybe she was dizzy as well because that would help explain how awkward she looked in her bikini scene.
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