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Aug 14 2009, 09:43 PM
I think Rafe has told Sami many times before that he can't tell her the truth, which, if Sami thought about it, could mean it is confidential. Why have him tell her that he can't tell her yet, if he isn't ever going to? That would be worse and she would bug him even worse as to when are you going to tell me?

Just because Sami and Rafe haven't been together for years, doesn't mean that they are not truly in love and soulmates and aren't both devastated over the split. They have known each other for almost 10 months now and spent close time in the safe house. Some people fall faster than others, and apparently these two did exactly that! I have known people who dated for 6 months and married and have stayed married for many years, so this relationship isn't out of the ordinary.
The out of the ordinary part is the whole "I can't tell you anything about my past, and how dare you ask even though my not saying anything just makes you believe the overwhelming evidence that I killed my previous fiance". I don't think most couples deal with issues like that...pretty much...ever.

Confidential or not...if the man I love, the man I am inviting in to my life and to spend time with and influence my children has huge gaping holes in his past that he refuses to talk about and basically makes me feel like shit for asking about...he can take a hike. Rafe is making all kinds of choices here...but not one of them puts Sami first.
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