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Aug 15 2009, 10:51 AM
Aug 14 2009, 07:31 PM
Aug 14 2009, 06:03 PM
You mean an actor was hired that is not a Passions reject?


thanks Ellie.
None of the actors on Passions were "rejects". Their show was canceled. They were not "rejected". The three actors (Eric, Galen, and Lindsay) who are on Days now that came from Passions are good actors. TPTB and the fans all seem to like them. If you are also referring to other actors who appeared on Passions, Nick Stabile appeared on a week or two when he subbed for another actor who was on paternity leave. Louise Sorel played a character on Passions for a few weeks, while Michael Sabatino was on Passions for a few months.
Ah, I think by the tone of the post it was supposed to be a joke. I don't want to see the show turn into Passions 2.0, but I welcome the Days returns and hope Gary chooses not to cast any more Passions actors for the future. :)
I still don't get why it matters where they came from. I just want the show to choose someone right for whatever the role is they have in mind. I could care less if the person is a reality show star. If they fit the role and nail their audition, good for them. I will give them a chance and, if they suck, I will just hope the show sees this and makes a change. Personally, I don't care if Gary brings on half the cast providing those he brings on work in their respective roles. It's not like he's set out to bring on too Passions stars. Galen was really the only one they set out to bring on. Eric Martsolf came in to audition for Rafe. They had wanted to recast Brady. It was a good fit so they hired him. Lindsey Hartley was never in their plans until recently. They tried Terrell first. It hasn't been planned at all. If it was, even I would question it LOL.

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