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Monday, August 17th
A ransom note arrives in connection with Ciara's kidnapping, so Justin asks Victor for the money; Daniel asks Brady to help him save Chloe; Philip tries to tell Stephanie some good news, but finds her with Nathan at the carnival and attacks him.

Tuesday, August 18th
Hope breaks down in Justin's arms; Philip convinces Melanie she is not a rebound and they wind up at a motel; Brady contemplates calling the police after finding cocaine at the Pub; Victor accuses Stephanie of two-timing Philip.

Wednesday, August 19th
Kate and Daniel run into each other on the pier and have a heated argument; Hope receives the ransom instructions; Stephanie tracks down Philip and tells him how much she loves him; Lucas informs Nathan that he found Chloe's living will.

Thursday, August 20th
Bo tells the kidnappers there will be no ransom; Dr. Baker uses Nicole's money to gamble; Philip asks Melanie to give him and Stephanie a moment of privacy; Rafe goes to the now-closed clinic to ask about Dr. Baker; Nicole questions Arianna about Rafe.

Friday, August 21st
A nurse tells Rafe that both Sami and EJ were at the clinic at the time of Sami's baby's birth; Ciara's kidnapping makes EJ want to protect Sydney by ordering complete genetic testing on her; Philip worries that Melanie will tell Stephanie the truth; Hope warns Bo that if they lose Ciara, they won't survive.
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