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I'm going to need Abe and Lexie to get on the same page about something. They've haven't been on the same page for years, and this week when Lexie was cheering about Justin coming in for Daniel, and Abe looked pissed about it, it just annoyed me. Do these two ever talk? I almost wonder if the actors are on different pages and and it's not even a part of the writing, because their marriage problems rarely focus on the problems that I see with them.

It got on my nerves on Friday (I think) when Victor told Philip that he had one word for him, and then he said three words. I don't remember what the three words were, but it's not like Victor to have such poor grammar. It bugged me so much that I missed the rest of the scene.

What a lame carnival. When you're at a carnival and you end up playing duck duck goose, you know the carnival blows.
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