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Nicole Dimera
Aug 12 2009, 12:30 PM
Rafe is not obsessive and he's not weird. AT least he has a brain and knows that something isn't right about Nicole greiving so much for Grace. He's a cop it's what he does and i'm glad he's investigating cause he will finally let the truth be known about Sydney and end this nightmare. And why would he involve Sami when he doesn't have all the details or even know exactly what Nicole is hiding, Rafe is the kind of guy that's gonna have his facts before he tells Sami anything. I am not mad at Rafe for getting a clue, it beats being duped by a woman who faked her pregnancy. And if you guys listen to Rafe talk about Emily with Arianna or maybe to himself you'd know that he's trying to protect someone, it's in his nature to protect it's part of who Rafe is, it has nothing to do with being a jerk and not just telling Sami there is so much more to the story as Nicole said.
I agree and don't forget, he was in the Dimera mansion when Nicole was faking her pregnancy. He might have seen her fake rubber belly while he was there and had suspicions all along. He is not obsessive /weird or a psycho. Cops are taught to question and investigate everything they don't think is right--- it's normal for him to do this. And,I agree, why would he tell Sami anything before he is sure? He would just get her hopes up, maybe for nothing and she has been through enough tragedy already to add to it. Remember, Rafe told Sami that he does not do things impulsively--- he thinks them through first and that is what he is doing with this situation.
Rafe's instincts are telling him that Sami may not be safe and he is staying because he has to protect her-- he loves her too much not to.
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