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Aug 16 2009, 12:37 AM
Aug 15 2009, 10:59 PM
Aug 15 2009, 09:06 PM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deepcan't do it now as Stephano would punish her...
EJ is a twit. Nicole not only acted really suspiciously but got that rubber belly past EJ for 6 months. He's too busy thinking about Sami/Grace..and things he cannot change.
Brady is trying to keep the secret
Mia wants to keep the secret
Dr Baker wants to milk it for all its worth
Sami has no clue and is grieving over the loss of Grace and now Rafe
Lucas has his hands full with a wife in a coma and thinks the Ejami baby died when Grace died and he's seen no suspicious behaviour from Nicole...
Chloe 'knows' everything but she's in a coma until further notice

On the other hand:
Rafe has seen Nicole grieve over Grace by going back to the hospital
Rafe has seen Nicole mourning at Grace's grave
Rafe Knows that Nicole has not been honest about how she knows Mia
Rafe knows that Mia and Brady are connected and Brady and Nicole have history
Rafe knows that Mia interupted the Ejole wedding
Rafe knows that Dr Baker didn't want to know why Rafe wanted him to keep Sami's secret...and he actually said...'Why am I worried?'
Rafe knows that when Grace was in hospital, someone had been in there saying they were Grace's mother
Rafe can't get a sensible explanation out of Nicole when he asks her why she continues to be upset about Grace
Rafe knows that Mia isn't a virgin [conversation with Will]

Rafe worked for the FBI and being alert to stuff that doesn't add-up or make sense is what he did as a career and from what they have mentioned was top of his class - therefore good at it. So investigating is natural and asking twenty questions is natural. Rafe often apologises for being like that with Will. If you watch carefully Roman does the same thing if you reflect on the scenes with him and Sami when she was telling him that she had adopted Grace it was question after question, info on Meredith, questions etc. They are all cops.

This is an extremely tangled deception as only 2 people now have the whole up to date story and that is Nicole and Stephano - even Doc Baker won't know that Grace is dead yet, and the others mentioned above only have missing pieces of the puzzle. And I am not sure if even Nicole has the whole story....

No one has as much clues as Rafe. EJ interestingly started to investigate Doc Baker and stopped, has seen Nicole upset over Grace and disappearing, has been suspicious of Mia, Brady hanging around and he has not are
Oh, yes, show Rafe and Safe every day. That way the show will be cancelled for sure. They have their fans, but they've caused more people to stop watching than anything else. And this is not an Ejami board by far. Neither is Sony. People just don't like them, among other storylines. They do nothing for the show's benefit. I like GG as a person, he's a very nice guy. Maybe without Sami he'll do better on the show. He's good looking, but that's about it for me.
Unless it is your job to do in depth interviews with everyone who stops watching the show you cannot know who causes viewers to switch off. Sami and Rafe have a romance which even when they are on is only 6-8 minutes of the eppy [and not even on everday] isn't enough reason for a show to go down in ratings - particularly as Rafe isn't abusing Sami in anyway. I didn't watch through the Santeen stuff but many posters here have used the same argument that that destroyed the ratings as many found it boring and couldn't get into it.

Anyway back to topic. It makes sense to me for Rafe to be interested and investigating because he loves Sami and she gave birth to Syndey/Grace during the time they were in hiding from the killer. And someone has to piece the clues together and he's the only cop or ex-cop close enough to the story to investigate in the way he has been doing.
I don't need to do interviews. I read the boards. Even on NBC, wihich is pretty much a Safe board, you will find plenty of posts from people who have stopped watching. And I agree about the Santeen storyline. It was boring - but Ejami certainly aren't.
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