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Aug 16 2009, 10:02 AM
Aug 16 2009, 09:31 AM
I don't care who discovers the truth, Rafe, Pookie, etc. It's just time for the story to be over with. IMO, the show should have ended the baby switch story around the time that EJ/Nicole were tying the knot. AZ, AS, JS, and GG have been languishing in this storyline for far too long. The truth needs to come out pronto so all the characters can move on to a storyline worth their time. If the writers weren't trying to sit in the middle of the fence and string all the fan bases along, we could be watching far more interesting stories. I say move away from it. Sydney needs to be with her rightful parents, Nicole deserves/needs to find a man who really loves her unconditionally, and finally either go with Ejami or just forget about it. I'm not an Ejami fan and never will be. I'd much rather watch Sami with someone else other than EJ. But, if it means the end of the "will they/won't they" saga, I am all for them putting those two together. Geez. Enough already. The Ejami story has pretty much polarized the show for three years or more. Let it go and just do it. Because if they are all that, they don't need anyone else to "stand between" them to make them interesting. As for Rafe, I like Rafe. I think he's just getting a bum rap because he is standing between EJ/Sami. It would probably be in Rafe's best interest not to get sucked into the endless saga of Ejami. Why not try Rafe/Nicole? Nicole needs a good man to care about her since she's never had that. I was holding out for Brady/Nicole. But, it seems that the scribes are dedicated to making Brady/Arianna a viable pair. In a nut shell, it's time for everybody to move on.
Sami deserves a good man and she's found one in Rafe. Why should Nicole get him? Nicole is married to EJ presently and the writers can have them get past the differences they will have when the baby switch comes out. If it wasn't for Nicole EJ would never have even held Sydney much left had her living in his house :lol:

At least Nicole seems to love EJ, Sami treats EJ like poop on her shoe and it is not interesting to watch it makes EJ look pathetic, and you cannot have a pathetic villian IMO. I say leave it as it is and please don't put Sami backwards into marriages that have already fizzled out and died. She got married to EJ in black didn't she? Yeah so they had the funeral at the same time as the wedding leave it buried please.
It just comes down to what people want to watch. Nicole may love EJ, but EJ doesn't really love her. Rafe might be a good man for Sami, but except for their die hard fans they don't interest the audience. Ejamis have stopped watching, Lumis have stopped watching, and frankly none of us that have care that the actors enjoy doing scenes together. We watch the show for the things we enjoy, and they get well paid to deliver.

EJ is not a true villain, which is why he can look pathetic at times. He is no more of a villain than Phillip is. And both boys are romantic leads. Ejole has had its run, it's like watching an old married couple that has lost its spark. Safe.... well the ratings speak for themselves - just look at the ones in May on their special day. And at the last couple of weeks during the non-mysterious "secret"storyline.
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