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Aug 16 2009, 01:58 PM
It all goes down to what I said earlier. It just needs to be over. Who wants to watch another year of DAYS with the show not really committing to any of the pairings? Not me. I don't care what duo you're rooting for rather it be Ejami, Ejole, Safe, or Lumi. Every fan base is in the same boat. They're getting nothing but crumbs tossed their way occasionally. A look, a whisper, etc. These pairings need the whole deal. I don't care what the bigwigs think. Soaps didn't start tanking until they got rid of the true, solidified couplings like Bope, Steve/Kayla, John/Marlena, etc. It was only when these triangles started exploding all over the soap canvas that soaps begin to struggle and fail. Fans can surely disagree on who they think should be paired with whom. But, none of the fanbases are truly getting what they want and deserve.
They're writing triangles and throwing crumbs at all the fan bases in hopes to keep everyone glued to the TV. What they are accomplishing is making a lot of viewers leave. They banked on the Passions group of viewers, and they got the majority of them to watch with the coming of GG and EM, and now that they are reinventing Ethan and Threressa though Brady and Arianna, there will probably be more coming. They are replacing the ones that left, but the ratings are still falling.

As for Rafe solving the baby switch, I really don't care if he does. Somebody's got to, and we all hoped that it would be EJ, but since they've assassinated his character to glorify Rafe's, we didn't get that chance. Luis is now on Days, so I hope he solves it soon.
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