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Aug 15 2009, 09:03 PM
I agree and don't forget, he was in the Dimera mansion when Nicole was faking her pregnancy. He might have seen her fake rubber belly while he was there and had suspicions all along. He is not obsessive /weird or a psycho. Cops are taught to question and investigate everything they don't think is right--- it's normal for him to do this. And,I agree, why would he tell Sami anything before he is sure? He would just get her hopes up, maybe for nothing and she has been through enough tragedy already to add to it. Remember, Rafe told Sami that he does not do things impulsively--- he thinks them through first and that is what he is doing with this situation.
Rafe's instincts are telling him that Sami may not be safe and he is staying because he has to protect her-- he loves her too much not to.
first off, rafe is no longer a cop. he chose to quit his job to work construction to stay in salem to be with sami. now that he has decided that that can never be together, you'd think he'd go back to work at the FBI. but no, he'd rather hang around town and torture sami, and commit various felonies so he can 'protect' her. this storyline just makes no sense to me whatsoever. i mean the fact that sami is sitting around moping in her apartment while rafe is off telling arianna how much he supposedly loves and cares for her is just ridiculous. if he cared for her, he'd tell her the truth about what happened to his fiancee. why is it such a big deal that she know the truth? rafe knows she's capable of keeping pretty huge secrets, so why can't he trust her with this? because he's a shitty boyfriend, that's why.

anyway, i don't think this storyline showcases much advanced thought or planning-- either on the part of the writing staff or rafe the character. he doesn't have enough info on nicole like other characters in this storyline, so his sudden interest in her and dr. baker is nonsensical. they've gone as far as having rafe say that sami 'thought baker was a bad guy' which is a flat-out fabrication. that's how bad this story is-- they have to make things up to make it seem like rafe has good reason to be suspicious of the doc when in reality, he has no good reason. rafe is not an appropriate character to expose nicole. sami and ej are. brady, chloe and mia playing a part in all this would make sense because they all have pieces of the baby switch story. rafe, on the other hand, fits into this story about as well as a square peg fits in a round hole.

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