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Aug 15 2009, 10:39 AM
☼ Jinx ☼
Aug 15 2009, 08:50 AM
Aug 15 2009, 06:54 AM
Can Bo and Hope get a different type of story? I'm sorry but after watching them bury Zack a few years ago, this story of Ciara's kidnapping is just wrong. Bope have such limited storyline potentials on this show, Hope kidnapping, a love triangle or a tragedy involving one of their children. What a waste.
I agree 100%!

The story just doesn't sit well with me. We need something entirely different for them. Like, they were talking about sailing again one day with Ciara ... there's a different idea - well, it has been done with Shawn before, it would be a nice tradition and not totally redundant as this kidnapping tale.
Well, that's just the thing. There is nothing different for them, unless you want to veer into a medical crisis type story but they did that last year with Bo's illness.

This is why I believe Days got rid of Steve/Kayla and John and Marlena, although Steve and Kayla had much more that can be done for them IMO. Not only had they been through alot but there are also certain stories fans won't accept because they want their faves doing more or can't invest. I mean, who wants to see another kidnapping plot or plot with Bo/Hope/Steve/Kayla/John/Marlena's life in danger when you know damn well the character in question will survive. There is no suspense there. That is one reason why Days should've kept John dead because it put it out there that the show WOULD go there.

At least with this story it's Bo and Hope's child. I know they lost Zack a few years ago but that makes it all the more emotional and tragic. It adds emotional impact to this. Is it hard to watch? Yes. But that's the point. That is what will grip viewers. As far as kidnapping goes, sure Bo and Hope have each been kidnapped but only once had one of their kids been as a child. Shawn was briefly kidnapped for a few weeks in December 1998/January 1999. That's it. I, personally, would be more upset if it was one of them being kidnapped for the 100th time because there would be no point. There is alot of reasons to do this. It could lead to the big returns. It brings back memories of Zack. It causes a rift between Bo and Hope and uses their detective skills. They are cops and I like that this story is showing how sometimes the consequences of being a cop (also, in Hope's case, having money and making a anonymous donation that is outed publicly) could put family in danger (in this case, their child).

Also, sending Bo and Hope around the world is basically a one way ticket off the show so that accomplishes nothing story-wise. Having vets around pretty much means there is always the risk of putting them in similar stories to ones in the past. The key is to tell the story in a different way or put a new spin on it. You can't put limitations on what can and can't be done anymore on soaps. Soaps have always reused plots and cliches. They always will. It's what soaps fans are used to. I think soaps would benefit from changing aspects of the classic soap formula but they never will as most times those things seem like the few things soaps refuse to change.

I do like this promo though but I have to agree with Drew to an extent. It's what I mentioned last week concerning the visions. I don't mind them having a place in the story early on but I would like them to end or be limited in their usage for the duration of this story because it does take away the element of surprise and some of the suspense. I know they already established that Bo's visions don't always happen or may not happen exactly as he sees them but I still think they need to avoid giving up too much of what will happen in the visions. Then again, soaps practically give away everything in spoilers now so I guess it's the same thing LOL.
As always you make good points. I just groan when I read these spoilers because they lack a basic ingenuity that I like. I really wish soaps would learn how to write for couples over the age of 40.
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