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Viewing Single Post From: SOD and SOW: Philip and Melanie have sex!
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Aug 17 2009, 09:09 AM
Nothing says "romance" in the afternoon like sleezy hotel sex that is video taped. Dena has to be a man.
I don't defend Dena that often, and certainly in my mind there is no excuse for Phelony sex, but in her defense (or whoever's writing), I think it's quite clear this is not intended to be a romantic hookup. It's supposed to be sleazy. Philip is only screwing Melanie because he's pissed about Stephanie and Nathan and apparently something was wrong with his right hand. The whole point of the video is that Philip's ashamed he had sex with Melanie and knows he shouldn't have and is trying to keep it from Stephanie, but obviously that secret will come out. According to JKJ's own words, Philip is very much in love with Stephanie and it's obvious from the summary that all Stephanie had to do was tell him she still loves him in order for him to dump Melanie. I don't see anything about this sordid tale that's supposed to be romantic for Philip and Melanie.

I'm way late due to vacation, but thanks for posting, Ellie! I admire your fortitude typing this up--I couldn't have done it. :P
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