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Aug 17 2009, 04:06 PM
And BTW...That clip kills. Love the part with John and Marlena at the end. But, KA's performance to end all performances was the scream she let out when she realized Zach was dead. That was gut wrenching. I was reminded of that with today's episode.....they sure don't give Bo and Hope much luck with their kids.
Welcome to the board! Agree with what you're saying about the clip and about Kristian when Zach died. I put this clip up because of its relation to the current story, but I don't think it was Kristian's best work. I completely understand that sometimes 'no tears' means more than sobbing, but if that is the case, the performance should still resonate emotionally with the viewers, and imo hers didn't. I think it was more the nature of the story, the palpable sense that time was running out, and the ensemble feeling in the room that gave this scene the 'punch' that it had. As for the scenes after Zach died, I agree that was some of Kristian's best work ever, and her performances were what drove that story.

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