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I thoroughly enjoyed today's show (well, except for the Phelony kiss). I loved Philip and Victor squaring off. I've wanted to see Philip step out and be his own man for a long time, so I hope this one sticks. JA and JKJ were really wonderful in those scenes.

I enjoyed Nathan and Stephanie. I think they have a very nice friendship vibe. I'm glad that Stephanie wanted to try and smooth things over with Melanie (even though I don't think she really did anything wrong). I can't blame Nathan for not wanting to deal with Melanie at that moment. He may have screwed things up, but the girl has been a major drama queen and I can't blame him for not wanting to have another Melanie emotional blackmail moment.

Brady/Daniel was mildly intriguing in that I like the idea of Brady helping Daniel save Chloe (not that I care about saving Chloe all that much). I still think Arianna is an undercover cop, but she's clearly a very stupid one.

The Bo/Hope conflict is clearly starting already. I don't know why TPTB insist on torturing their children in order to give them conflict.
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