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^I am getting that feeling too. I just know those two are going to blame each other for something, especially Hope blaming Bo and his visions or a reason just a stupid, and she will move to Aunt Maggie's and Justin will comfort her.
And I really don't care. And if they didn't make them so squeaky clean and happy all of the time, I might buy it. They have been together for 20-something years, but Hope has trust issues? Seriously?

And the tying up and ransoming a child crap is pretty sick, especially after they had us watch an infant die a few months ago. I swear the writers are sadistic with children.
I am just not feeling this story at all...and I feel that we saw this grief with Bope a few months ago with Zach...and Sami with Grace...and Kayla with Joe...and Nicole with baby EJole, etc. Sigh.
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