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Aug 17 2009, 02:57 PM
I never have posted here before, but watch the site regularly. I think this is the best Days board online. After watching today's show, I felt compelled to post. I was truly shocked when I saw Ciarra today. Now, I knew this story was coming and I was thankful for a little excitement on what mostly has begun a rather bland show. But I wasn't prepared for a baby girl to be bound by her little wrists with rope and then blindfolded with little pink bows sticking out. That's not a nice image by no means....and this is not a nice story. I wish we had a little foresight into where this thing is going. Anyway, I was totally taken back.....hopefully, this will not last too much longer. I'm ready for the return of the Alamians....and I wonder how much, if any, this story has to do with the big returns. Time will tell.
I really donīt think they want overboard with Ciara. You could tell she is perfectly confortable, the ropes were lose and the scarf around her eyes looked like a satin and very thin. I think if they tried to do the same with the girl who plays Ali it wouldnīt work, but the Ciara actress seems to be very into anything they ask her to do.

Anyway, if anyone will ever ask again why were Tanna, Jarlena, Stayla, Jannifer etc. let go, this thread is the answer. This is the first story Bope have after almost a year and people are already complaining. Thanks god the show has only one supercouple anymore.

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