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Jane...I wasn't complaning. I love Bo and Hope...they are among the few core vets still on this show, obviously. I was just stating that it totally surprised me. Usually, you'd kind of expect to not see Ciarra during this. I assumed it would all kind of be behind the scenes. So, I was just totally caught off guard when I saw her tied up. Now, that did add to the seriousness of the story and I suppose I'm glad it was all in your face. I just hate this so much for Bo and Hope because there's always something horrible going on with their children. Someone mentioned molestation and I was sooooooo afraid they were about to go there and that would've been a horrible mistake. So, looking back on the episode, I think it was what it was....a total blow to my senses and that's exactly what they were going for. So, in that case, I think it worked. Let's just see how this thing goes from here.
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