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Aug 18 2009, 09:39 AM
Aug 18 2009, 09:22 AM
Anyway, if anyone will ever ask again why were Tanna, Jarlena, Stayla, Jannifer etc. let go, this thread is the answer. This is the first story Bope have after almost a year and people are already complaining. Thanks god the show has only one supercouple anymore.

I hardly think a handful of opinions on one message board is "the answer" to anything. As for people complaining, name a story that people don't complain about--it's not hard to find people complaining here or elsewhere about the baby switch, the Philip/Stephanie/Nathan/Melanie quad, and/or the Danloe/Kate poisoning drama. The fact that these writers can't think of anything to do with Bo and Hope that isn't a repeat of things they've been through before doesn't necessarily mean a better writing team couldn't. I'm not even a particular fan of any of those that you mentioned, but I see this as a writing problem, not a "these couples are played out no matter what they do with them" problem.
I quess Iīm just sad because I like the show and I want it to continue and seeing so many people being unhappy even when the vets are on frontburner and just a few episodes after the story started is a sign it probably really run its course. (like all the soaps). Because I honestly donīt see any original or new story still available for Bope or any other vets and Iīm afraid we will see exact the same reaction with Vivian and Carly. Years ago the show atleast could do those amazing romantic adventures. Now there are no money for additional sets, additional extras and added working hours, so the writers have to tell story only by using the 6+ permanent sets we see each day. The only thing you can really focus on are relationships, so anything happens will eventually result into a relationship conflict. But if people donīt want to see that, there is really not much left to tell.
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