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Aug 18 2009, 03:19 AM
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I am thinking that Rafe feels that Sami still needs protecting from the Dimeras. I am sure that he is not in anyway trusting any of them, including Nicole. The closer he gets to the babyswitch truth, the more suspicious of all of them he will become. The real truth is that Rafe loves Sami and can't leave her. Remember when they were at the airport and he was going to leave for NY, he said it would bother him if they weren't in the same city. He said, in fact, I think it would kill me. Same thing here.
Well frankly Rafe did not look heart broken , actually he looked like he could careless. I thought it was a little weird really,but knew it is because lumi is on its way back.
IMO, Rafe looked plenty heartbroken when he and Sami ran into each other at the hospital and when he tells Ari that if anything happened to Sami, he couldn't take it. To me, he sure didn't look like he could care less. Why would he tell Sami he loved her and he couldn't do this to her and the kids if he didn't care? He could have just walked away from her.

i agree that they are dragging out these s/l too long and people are losing interest in especially the babyswitch. It should have been over long ago. It starts to get interesting with Rafe investigating and then they stop it for a few weeks; then, they pick it back up. If it's not going to be uncovered until November, there will be a lot more of that going on.
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