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Certainly, having a child kidnapped has got to be one of the worst things a parent can go through, surpassed only by having a child die. Hope has now gone through both of these life-changing events. Her son Zack was killed; now her beautiful daughter Ciara has been kidnapped. It's terrible, of course, but Kristian is at least happy with the way the story is being told. "The way they had started laying the storyline, and telling it, I was very excited because it wasn't all of a sudden, here it is, and there's no lead up. I thought it was beautifully led up to. There is the beginning, the middle and the end. And there's a big end!"

But as Kristian, a mother of three, well understands, "it's the most devastating thing you could ever imagine as a parent, something happening like this. And in Hope's case, she's lost one child; she's very protective over Ciara, more so than probably with the other children, because of what she's been through with Zack."

How did this devastating event happen? Bo left Ciara at the carnival in the park with Ellen, a family friend, who was watching a group of children. But, as every parent knows, all it takes is one second. "The concern is 'are you right next to the person? Always look at the person. Make sure you know the person next to you.' Make sure! Because very easily, you can be distracted and walk off and you think that the person next to you is the person that you know, and it's a stranger and everybody else is gone." Terrifying indeed. And whether it was premonition or just being a somewhat overprotective mother (with good reason), Hope did as Kristian would. She called to find out how her daughter was doing.

"When she can't get through to her," Kristian told us, "her antenna is going up, and Bo says everything is fine. Don't worry. Until he calls and asks to speak to Ciara, and Ellen realizes Ciara isn't there. So we immediately run out, panic stricken, not thinking at this point that she's been kidnapped. She just wandered off; we're going to find her. Until we find her bear. And oh my God, she's gone. But still, we're not sure if that is in fact what's taken place. And then the ransom note shows up, and the article about Hope. That's what I mean about things being beautifully laid in." Ciara wasn't just kidnapped. If you'd been paying attention, you might've seen some clues that this was about to happen.

Kristian continues: "Bo puts the pieces together and remembers the birthday party. That lollipop! He was there. They realize he was there; he's been stalking her. But who is he? Obviously now it's confirmed that it's because of the article and they think Hope has a lot of money. Not realizing that it's Dean and he's right beside us, helping us work through the investigation. And at every turn he changes something. It's just so well-done."

We asked Kristian if anything remotely similar had ever happened to her, and like a lot of parents, she had that one panicky time when she briefly couldn't find one of her sons. "Gino, when he was around five years old, and I were at Macy's, when it was Bullock's. I turned my head for one second and turned back and he was gone. My heart was just pounding out of my chest, racing, I didn't know which way to run first, what to do first. I was scouring the place and I got security and said, my son, I don't know what happened, he's gone. After about twenty minutes I saw his head pop out underneath the jammies. He was sitting there watching me run back and forth. And I was screaming 'Gino, Gino, Gino!' I was absolutely panicked! And he was just busy playing with whatever he was playing with. And you can't even be mad at him because you're just so thankful that you have him back. Then after you get over that, you go 'don't ever do that again!'"

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