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im just interested to see what everyone else thinks..Tomlin is doing days justice..hes making things old new again..but in a good way by ]fixing what needs to be fixed for example bo and hope back in forefront..switching the couples around where they need to be (lindsay hartley for brady awesome) melanie and phillip i actually prefer.. and nathan and stefani is good...and vivian and carlys return

heres the point..what stories need to be revamped or brought back to the forefront and told as new again..(come on every soap does it)

i for one am obsessed with the princess Gina storyline and think it has so much potential left in it.. we need that Stefano back and out of just worrying about Ej..

maybe turn vivian into princess gina lol!!!

i also want kristen back..or do something like them with the whole twins and switching roles..what are your guys' thoughts

Also Carly really needs to come back with a vengence on Vivian..the two need to be constantly at eachothers throats[/b][/color] :shrug:
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