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Please link to DR.

This week's SOW features a fall preview. As usual, though "head writer Dena Higley and her writing staff" are credited, there are no direct quotes. Any quotes below are from SOW's wording.

- Sami wants Rafe back, but she's concerned that he's suddenly disappeared.

- "EJ discovers that his wife had a miscarriage and faked her pregnancy." He thinks Sydney is Mia's child, so he "cuts emotional ties with Nicole".

- Chad finds out Mia gave away their baby. He's furious. Mia must make a "terrible sacrifice".

- "Arianna confesses she wants Brady", but she persuades him keep their relationship a secret.

- "Philip and Melanie's one-night stand comes back to haunt them", and Stephanie dumps Philip again.

- Philip and Nathan compete over Melanie.

- Lucas "blasts Chloe" because of her affair. He starts drinking again and winds up in rehab.

- Chloe gets the charges against Daniel dropped.

- "The emotional rift between Bo and Hope grows" because Hope can't forgive Bo for how he handled things during Ciara's kidnapping.

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