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This week's SOW features a fall preview. As usual, though "head writer Dena Higley and her writing staff" are credited, there are no direct quotes. Any quotes below are from SOW's wording.

Surprise, surprise...

- "EJ discovers that his wife had a miscarriage and faked her pregnancy." He thinks Sydney is Mia's child, so he "cuts emotional ties with Nicole".

Yes! Nicole's lies are finally coming out, well sort of. I wonder if she's going to continue keeping the fact that Sydney is Sami and EJ's child so that EJ doesn't think he has another connection to Sami. I wouldn't be surprised if Nicole leaves town (to explain Arianne Zucker's maternity leave) and takes Sydney with her.

- Chad finds out Mia gave away their baby. He's furious. Mia must make a "terrible sacrifice".

I really hope Chad and Mia don't end up with Sydney. I'm watching OLTL's Cole and Starr struggle while raising Hope, I don't want to see another teen couple with a child.

- "Arianna confesses she wants Brady", but she persuades him keep their relationship a secret.

I'm starting to like Brady and Arianna together. I hope that continues when Lindsey Hartley takes over the role.

- Philip and Nathan compete over Melanie.

OMG! Why!!!!!!

- Lucas "blasts Chloe" because of her affair. He starts drinking again and winds up in rehab.

This sounds decent. However, I don't want to see Lucas' fall off the wagon last two episodes where he starts drinking in at the beginning of one episode, Maggie gets to him at the end of that episode, and the next episode Maggie's able to convince him to check into rehab. I want to see Lucas' battle with his addiction span over a few weeks, not just a few days.

- "The emotional rift between Bo and Hope grows" because Hope can't forgive Bo for how he handled things during Ciara's kidnapping.

An emotional rift between Bo and Hope, just as Carly gets ready to return to town. How convenient.
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