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This week's SOD features an interview with Kristian Alfonso, and this week's SOW features an interview with Peter Reckell.

Bo goes on television and offers a reward for information about Ciara's kidnapping. Hope begs him not to do this, since she thinks it will put Ciara in more danger. But Bo disregards her and does it anyway. Reckell tells SOW, "the impetus for this is Bo's vision where Hope takes the ransom and gives it to the kidnappers, but when Ciara is running over to Hope, the kidnappers kill her." Alfonso tells SOD, "[Bo] took a $5 million ransom and turned it into a $5 million reward, so now there's a bounty on the kidnappers' heads and they'll know it."

After the TV broadcast, Hope confronts Bo, and she's furious. She tells him that now the kidnappers have no motivation to keep Ciara alive. As Alfonso says, "[Bo] probably thinks what he's doing is right, but it's so wrong." Alfonso says that Hope tells Bo, 'We almost didn't make it through Zach. I don't know if we'll make it through this.'

Meanwhile, Roman has learned from Theo that one of the kidnappers had a tatoo of an angel. Bo, Hope and Roman get on the computer to find a list of people with that tattoo. Hope finds that Kyle is a match, and it says he's a registered sex offender. Alfonso says that "... the blood just drains from Hope's face. When she thinks it can't get any worse, it continues to mount."

Bo and Hope find out that Kyle is staying at a nearby motel. They go to the motel and find a map of the forest which has certain areas circled. They go out searching, but meanwhile, their fellow cop Dean, who is involved in the kidnapping, shoots and kills Kyle and Brenda and then shoots himself to cover it up.

Bo and Hope arrive at the crime scene and they see that Dean has been shot. They don't know that Dean was part of the kidnapping. They think he's rescued Ciara. Reckell says, "Dean says he got there first and heard the kidnappers talking about killing Ciara, but he came in and saved the day."

Alfonso says that "Hope is so joyous and overwhelmed to have her daughter back in her arms, unharmed." However, Hope is not as happy with Bo. Alfonso says that Hope is thinking, "It's not thanks to him that they have [Ciara] back, it's thanks to Dean." Alfonso continues that Hope loves Bo, "but you can see everything starting to crumble".

And SOW concludes that Dean is still a threat...
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