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SOW preview are usually very vague, but I like most of the things. The next few months will be pretty exciting.

- Sami wants Rafe back, but she's concerned that he's suddenly disappeared.

I hope this is connected with the Emily death secret. I want to know what it is.

- "EJ discovers that his wife had a miscarriage and faked her pregnancy." He thinks Sydney is Mia's child, so he "cuts emotional ties with Nicole".

Good move they are not revealing all the secret at once. This will be some really powerfull scenes. I wonder what will be Stephanoīs reaction, he knows Sydney is really EJīs. Will he just watch EJ throw Nicole and Sydney out of the house?

- Chad finds out Mia gave away their baby. He's furious. Mia must make a "terrible sacrifice".

I quess she will sacrifice her relationship with Will and agree to start again with Chad. I donīt think they will take the baby from Nicol.

- "Arianna confesses she wants Brady", but she persuades him keep their relationship a secret.

Now we know for sure she is an undercover. I donīt think she is FBI as Rafe, I think she is an ex-addict and has a deal with the cops. I think whatever happened with Emily she was responsible and this was the only way the cops let her go.


- "Philip and Melanie's one-night stand comes back to haunt them", and Stephanie dumps Philip again.

- Philip and Nathan compete over Melanie.

This is weird and I really need more information. I would expect them fight over Steph, not Mel. Maybe there is a mistake? Nathan is much more interested in Stephanie and he would probably be very happy to comfort Steph after her yet another attempt to have happy ending with Phillip doesnīt work.

- Lucas "blasts Chloe" because of her affair. He starts drinking again and winds up in rehab.

- Chloe gets the charges against Daniel dropped.

Expected, but again I need more information. Also, what about Kate? Will her part in this just dropped?

- "The emotional rift between Bo and Hope grows" because Hope can't forgive Bo for how he handled things during Ciara's kidnapping.

No big surprise here. Even when Ciara survives Bo willing to risk her life and not doing what the kidnappers said is a huge blow. I also wonder what will happen with Dean. I think Nick Stabile is still taping, so there has to be some continuation with his character. Looks like the kidnapping ends very quickly.

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