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Thanks for the thread and for the shout-out, Kenny!! :) I usually don't give this show too much hope these days....but, I gotta say, I am giving it another chance to WOW me. I really think after letting so many vets go that Days is really going to step their game up. Especially with renewal talks looming. Since it was obvious TPTB were not going to bring back anyone they let go, I think the casting decisions they made were smart and interesting. Crystal is an emmy award winning genre fave, Louise Sorel is an all-time fan fave, Wally Kurth could hold his own among them and has totally impressed me....and Michael Sabitino returning as Lawrence is music to my ears. Now, I know we are all different and have our own feelings of what Days should be. As a HUGE Marlena fan, I have surprised myself recently. That character did it all. Aside from being filler or recapturing something we always knew she was....there wasn't alot there for her. I'd rather see her go away than be Caroline. If the money it took to pay her to do what she did goes to the returns of some classic characters that still have story left in them, I say go for it. I'm open to anything that can keep this show afloat. It's been picking up steam this week and, hopefully, it will continue rocking out for along time. I hope these old and great characters breath some new life in this show....and inspires TPTB. Maybe inspiration is all they needed.
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