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Aug 19 2009, 04:18 PM
Aug 19 2009, 04:01 PM
Aug 19 2009, 03:04 PM
Crystal sounds more excited than she was previously. She was probably dealing with the emotions of GL ending at the same time.

However, while I think Crystal's fans will be happy to see her, I would still expect "Carly 2.0" here. Even if Crystal is trying to keep Carly in character as before (which honestly, it doesn't sound like she is), I'd have no expectation at all that this writing team would try to do that. I'd expect a new version of Carly, and I'm not even sure there could be flashbacks except for Carly/Vivian scenes, since the actors in the other roles have either been fired or recast. In other words, I think people excited for Crystal's return will be pleased, but people excited for Carly's return might not be.

I agree .Carly 2.0 is coming.Thats what this whole kidnapping/Hope pissed at Bo thing is all about.A wedge for Carly to come in.CC is excited now,but I expect complaints before the end of the year (with good reason).Why would the way this regime writes be any different for old favs returning?
I agree and disagree with this. Yes, fans of Carly could be disappointed that the writers could reinvent the character. But, as a Carly fan, I think they should. It's been ....what?,.,,like 16 years since we've seen the character? Haven't we all changed since 16 years? Plus, she left with Lawrence Alamian....and who knows how long she stayed with him. He wasn't the kindest man on the block. Carly could be ANYTHING now.....that's what makes her so fresh and exciting. I hope the writers take full advantange of that and use this actress for what's she is worth. She seems to be having fun so far.....even though it hasn't been a full week yet (lol).... I'm glad that Carly isn't going to be the same Carly as when she left. It would be bland storytelling if she was.
I loved Carly but watching old clips.She was eaisly manipulated and always a victim ecspecially of Vivians.I mean they had Vivian tell her her baby was dead while Viv kidnapped him and then buried her alive.
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