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Aug 19 2009, 05:40 PM
Aug 19 2009, 05:06 PM
Aug 19 2009, 04:18 PM
I agree and disagree with this. Yes, fans of Carly could be disappointed that the writers could reinvent the character. But, as a Carly fan, I think they should. It's been ....what?,.,,like 16 years since we've seen the character? Haven't we all changed since 16 years? Plus, she left with Lawrence Alamian....and who knows how long she stayed with him. He wasn't the kindest man on the block. Carly could be ANYTHING now.....that's what makes her so fresh and exciting. I hope the writers take full advantange of that and use this actress for what's she is worth. She seems to be having fun so far.....even though it hasn't been a full week yet (lol).... I'm glad that Carly isn't going to be the same Carly as when she left. It would be bland storytelling if she was.
Absolutely, people change over the years, but I guess where I'm coming from is that when someone says he's a fan of a character, there are certain elements about the character which appeal to him. Those should still be present even after a period of time like this. The 'real life' model I think of is a high school reunion. While everyone's external circumstances are different, there are basic personality traits and dynamics which usually rise to the surface if the same group of people is together again. I think that's what should happen here. Whatever appealed to fans about Carly should still be there, whether it was something about her personality, or the way she interacted with others. What I was trying to say in my post was that unfortunately, I don't think the writers will try to accomplish this in the slightest. That would leave it to Crystal, and based on previous comments she's made, it looks like she may be trying to reinvent Carly as well. Because of this, what appealed to fans of the character in the first place may no longer be there when Carly returns.

I donīt know how anyone else, but itīs really hard to talk about Carly and some elements defining her character. I quess if we are talking about the original big romantic heroine and Hopeīs replacement Carly from 1990 till summer 1991. But after that the character got through change after change finally ending with JER, who first turned her into some high society snot to accentualize the differences between her and Billie and next let her left Salem to live happily ever after with the man who raped her best friend. There are really only two things important for the character. She is a good doctor and Boīs ex. Everything else can be rewritten into whatever the writers and CC feels is best for them now.
It did seem like her character went through character changes more after PR BO left.I actually liked Carly and Lawrence but before they had wrote her character as strong and independant and who didn't want the lifestyle that she was born into.The fact that she had spent her entire life running away from the arranged marriage to Lawrence.Then they brought on RKK Bo who I don't think worked as well as PR Bo and Carly.I've tried to watch old clips of Bo and Carly with RKK.But after watching that scene of when Carly tells Lawrence about the baby.RRK Bo got angry and was going on about how she betrayed him.They really made his Bo an jerk ecspecially during that time.I don't know his Bo only seemed to fit with Billie.
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