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Aug 19 2009, 05:54 PM
Aug 19 2009, 05:40 PM
There are really only two things important for the character. She is a good doctor and Bos ex. Everything else can be rewritten into whatever the writers and CC feels is best for them now.
But if that's the case, that doesn't explain why some here are saying they're huge Carly fans and they're excited for Carly to return. If they're excited for Crystal to return, fine. But my point was that those excited for Carly to return may be disappointed.

Yes, I agree. The thing is, she's been off canvas for so long that the writers probably feel they have carte blanche to re-make her. Now, that could be perfectly fine, as long as they don't make her a totally different character in the process. Everybody changes as they get older, and most of us are quite different at 35 than we were at 20, for example, but like you said earlier in the thread, there are certain basic character elements that don't really tend to change. When Carly returns, hopefully those who remember her (and I remember her and liked her fine) will find her recognizable, even if she's not exactly the same she was all those years ago. I'm curious to see, but with this writing team she probably won't have a defined character anyway--or it'll change to suit the plot as needed.
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