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Aug 19 2009, 06:31 PM
Maybe I am not the best person to argue....or have a conversation on the Carly return. I was ten when I first started watching this show. LOL I have revisited clips and even have some videotapes of storylines involving Carly. I loved the character because she was a good and sincere character....someone you rooted for. I do agree with some posts that her character changed a bit duirng her final year on the show. The Buried Alive story, IMO, was awesome, simply because Crystal acted the crap out of it. Crystal and Lousie Sorel sold that story and I bought it! Maybe I am just excited to have Crystal back as Carly....more so than Carly herself. But, honestly, I don't know if that really matters. When MaryBeth Evans came back as Kayla, I was excited to have Kayla back but ALSO excited to see MaryBeth on my screen again on my fave show. Same with Crystal as Carly. I loved Carly and love Crystal....I'm excited to see them both. The difference will be that Carly has obviously changed, while Kayla was pretty much the same as she was when she left. Which is fine. But, I just find it more exciting not knowing what to expect. This is a character that not too many people remember.....or so the powers that be expect.....and it's an interesting situation they have found themselves in. An old character.....a familiar face.....connections to Bo, Hope Victor......they could do anything. I'm down with it. lol Let's see how they roll. :)
IA the thing is they never really showed what being buried alive did to her.I mean that would have to be a traumtic experience.Heck even they had Stephanie popping pills for a bit after her experience.It always kinda annoyed me when she got her meomory back.It was more focused on her love for Bo and Lawrence.I know its because CC and MS was leaving the show.But they had her acting like it was nothing.At the very least the girl should be clausaphobic.I also always wondered what they told Nikki how that Carly was still alive.Talk about a kid that should be screwed up.LOL
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