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Aug 20 2009, 04:18 PM
I don't know about exploring the past- I think the internet makes that fairly difficult 'cause people remember stuff now and expect continuity.

But, I'm feeling like it's been a long time since a genuine, major event. Something that lasts a summer, or at least a month, and brings the majority of the cast together somehow. Cruise of Deception is remembered fondly. If they took the time to do it right, a natural disaster might work. Or some kind of big event- a party, not a wedding or anything specific like that.

Just...something unifying with major stakes and a well-defined pre-planned beginning, middle and end.

Or- a secret room/cage. Lock someone's ass up, doesn't matter to me who (they have to be an adult, though). I love that kind of stuff.
i know whats your saying major event......we need that Back on Days
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