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Viewing Single Post From: SOD and SOW: Philip and Melanie have sex!

Sigh. I really was hoping for something of substance to come from Mel and Phil. I keep waiting for the day when he will tell Stephanie to sit and spin on the stick she has shoved up her butt and MEAN IT. I love it when he goes "dark Phillip" on her when she gets on his nerves but that ends too quickly and he always reverts to begging her. I like the idea of Phillip and Melanie because they can both go from sweet to wicked without batting an eyelash. I've never been big on good guy/girl and bad guy/girl relationships because inevitably the bad one is beaten into submission eventually becoming a total shell of themselves to make them worthy of the good one. BO-RING!!!

I should have known not to get my hopes up but I did anyway. If they're going to insist on sticking Mel with this Nathan guy I wish they'd recast and give him a little edge. This guy isn't someone Melanie would look twice at IMHO.
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