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Aug 20 2009, 04:12 PM
C'mon, now you guys.

I love that this echoes the John/Marlena stuff with the quickness and randomness of it all. Which makes me think they're vomiting this stuff up on purpose to get the kind of response seen in this thread. They can now say they tried to give a storyline and viewers weren't receptive.

Alternatively- what if Carly's behind it, not Lawrence? We keep hearing Carly 2.0...chick was buried alive shortly before leaving town which would have to change a person, yeah? She could have learned some tricks over the past years...
I really hope they don't go there with Carly being behind it.However I do think that being buried alive would have done something to the girl ecspecially if she didn't get therapy.I mean look at how they had Stephanie acting popping pills even though that storyline was dropped it seems like.
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